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Parviz Pour Hosseini ( پرویز پورحسینی )


Parviz Pour Hosseini ( پرویز پورحسینی )


Parviz Pour-Hosseini ( پرویز پورحسینی )was born in Tehran and graduated in Performance Arts from Tehran University Faculty of Fine Arts. He began taking acting classes in 1960 by participating in a night course at the Dramatic Arts Office and the next year he appeared in the television play Man with a Flower in his Mouth. The same year he collaborated with Samandarian, Saberi, Fannizadeh, Pour-Samimi and formed a troupe named Pasargadae. He then worked at the Theater Office for two years appearing in a number of plays. His first experience as stage director was the play Death Watcher in 1971. He then began working with the Play Read More.. Workshop and six years later joined Rafiee at the City Theater. After the Islamic Revolution, he continued working at the City Theater and was later transferred to the Theater Office. He has appeared in over 60 plays, 60 films and television series the most important of which are: Kamal-ol-Molk


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Parviz Pour Hosseini ( پرویز پورحسینی )


Parviz Pour Hosseini ( پرویز پورحسینی )


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