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Parastoo Golestani ( پرستو گلستانی )


Parastoo Golestani ( پرستو گلستانی )


Born in Tehran, Iran

Parastoo Golestani ( پرستو گلستانی ) is an Iranian actress. She is niece of Mehdi Akhavan Sales, Iranian poet. She is Behrooz Baghaei's ex-wife. Parastoo was born in Tehran. She studied acting and directing at the Islamic Azad University. She also took a two-year acting course at the IRIB School of Art and Literature. Like many other actresses, she began her career with stage acting and as a member of Shahed theatre group and the Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults in 1986. Her debut was the 1989 Majnoon. Some of her other movies are “Just around the Corner and Rules of the Game. Golesta Read More.. ni is also a popular face on TV with roles in family dramas such as The Spouses and The Patriarch.


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Parastoo Golestani ( پرستو گلستانی )