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Pantea Bahram (پانته آ بهرام‎)


Pantea Bahram (پانته آ بهرام‎)


Born: March 4th 1970 in Tehran, Iran

Pantea Bahram (پانته آ بهرام‎) is an Iranian actress. She entered the school of Arts and Literature at the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting College in 1988 where she studied acting. The next year she appeared in her first play. She continued her academic education in performance literature. Pantea Bahram is known for I am a Mother, Sensitive Floor, For No Reason, Eternal Kids, Tragedy, Tehran Tehran: Days of Acquaintance, The Bright Day, and Death of the Fish.


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Pantea Bahram (پانته آ بهرام‎)


Pantea Bahram (پانته آ بهرام‎)


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