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Niousha Zeighami (نیوشا ضیغمی‎)


Niousha Zeighami (نیوشا ضیغمی‎)


Born: July 9th 1980 in Tehran, Iran

Niousha Zeighami (نیوشا ضیغمی‎), born 9 July 1980 in Tehran, is known for her starring role in the popular Iranian picture Parkway (2007) by director and writer Fereydoun Jeyrani. She caught the attention of awarding bodies with her performance in Crazy (2005) for which she became a candidate for the Crystal Phoenix by the Fajr Film Festival. Moreover, Niousha Zeighami received two nominations for her perfomance in Inja Iran (2014) at the Action on Film International Film Festival, USA.


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Niousha Zeighami (نیوشا ضیغمی‎)


Niousha Zeighami (نیوشا ضیغمی‎)


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