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Nima Shahrokh Shahi (نیما شاهرخ شاهی)


Nima Shahrokh Shahi (نیما شاهرخ شاهی)

Producer | Editor | Actor

Born: August 8th 1981 in Tehran, Iran

Shahrokh-Shahi, Nima (born August 8, 1982, Tehran) Nima Shahrokh-Shahi studied civil engineering at university. He began his acting career with the film ‘Max’ (2003), but his role in Fereydoun Jeyrani’s ‘Parkway’ (2006) brought him nationwide fame. Shahrokh-Shahi has starred in several movies, including ‘Crazy for Leili’ (2007), ‘Checkmate’ (2008), ‘Ungrateful’ (2009), ‘Facing Mirrors’ (2009), ‘The Last Heist’ (2009), ‘The Outcasts 3’ (2010), ‘Network’ (2010), ‘Purgatory’ (2010), ‘Dissertation’ (2011), ‘Receiver’ (2011), ‘Self-Harm’ (2011), ‘The President's Cell Phone’ (2011), Read More.. and ‘The Straw Dogs’ (2013). He has also appeared in a few series, such as ‘Shams-ol-Emareh’ (2009), ‘Worlds Apart’ (2010), ‘Hereafter’ (2010), ‘Waves and Cliffs’ (2010), ‘The Daughters of Eve’ (2011), ‘The Silver Man’ (2012), ‘The Billionaire’ (2012), and ‘The Ascended’ (2014).


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Nima Shahrokh Shahi (نیما شاهرخ شاهی)


Nima Shahrokh Shahi (نیما شاهرخ شاهی)

Producer | Editor | Actor

Actor (60 credits)
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The Exemplaries Who Gave Who Got? - Ki Dadeh Ki Gerefteh? - کی داده کی گرفته؟2014Watch Now
The Exemplaries Believe Me - Bavaram Kon - باورم كن2014
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The Exemplaries Jet Cut - Jet Kat - جت کات2014
The Exemplaries High Heel I - Pashne Boland 1 - پاشنه بلند 12013
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The Exemplaries Our Next Meeting, at the Same Place - Gharare Badi Hamanja - قرار بعدی همان‌جا2013
The Exemplaries Straw Dogs - SagHaye Pooshali - سگ‌های پوشالی2013Watch Now
The Exemplaries Four Lane Highway - Chahar Bandi - چهار باندی2012
The Exemplaries Eternal - Abadi - ابدی2012
The Exemplaries Woman Man Life - Zan Mard Zendegi - زن مرد زندگی2012
The Exemplaries The President's Cell Phone - Telefone Hamrahe Raiesjomhour - تلفن همراه رئیس جمهور2012Watch Now
The Exemplaries North City South City - Shomale Shahr Jonoobe Shahr - شمال شهر جنوب شهر2012
The Exemplaries Always Cinema - Hamishe Cinama - همیشه سینما2012
The Exemplaries Cursed Sneezes - Atsehaye Nahs - عطسه‌های نحس2011Watch Now
The Exemplaries Facing Mirrors - Aynehaye Rooberoo - آینه های روبرو2011Watch Now
The Exemplaries Requirement of Marriage - Sharte Ezdevaj - شرط ازدواج2011Watch Now
The Exemplaries Recipient - Girandeh - گیرنده2011Watch Now
The Exemplaries Network - Shabakeh - شبکه2011Watch Now
The Exemplaries Narmak - Narmak - نارمک2011
The Exemplaries Ungrateful - Nasepas - ناسپاس2010Watch Now
The Exemplaries Best Friend - Rafigh Fabrick - رفیق فابریک2010
The Exemplaries The Deportees 3 - Ekhrajiha 3 - اخراجی‌ها ۳2010
The Exemplaries Democracy In Day Light - Democracy Dar Rouze Roshan - دموکراسی تو روز روشن2010
The Exemplaries Curse - Nefrin - نفرین2010
The Exemplaries One Two Tree - Yek Do Se - یک دو سه2010
The Exemplaries Thesis - Payanameh - پایان نامه2010Watch Now
The Exemplaries Obstinacy - Laj va Lajbazi - لج و لجبازی2009
The Exemplaries In Love with Leily - Majnoone Leyli - مجنون لیلی2008Watch Now
The Exemplaries Checkmate - Kish O Mat - کیش و مات2008Watch Now
The Exemplaries Tambourine - Dayere Zangi - دایره زنگی2008 Watch Now
The Exemplaries Parkway - Parkvay - پارک وی2007Watch Now
The Exemplaries Maxx - Maks - مکس‎‎2005Watch Now
The Exemplaries Final Robbery - Akharin serghat - آخرین سرقت2000Watch Now
Iranian Rally Iranian Rally - Rali Irani - رالی ایرانی Watch Now
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