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Niki Karimi (نیکی کریمی‎)


Niki Karimi (نیکی کریمی‎)

Director | Producer | Actor | Writer | Music

Born: November 10th 1971 in Tehran, Iran

Niki Karimi ( نیکی کریمی‎ ) was born on 10 November 1971 in Tehran. She is an Iranian actress, director, and screenwriter whose first steps in acting were made in theatrical groups in elementary school. Niki Karimi's appearance in Mehrjui's film Sara, which was an adaptation of Ibsen's A Doll's House, won her a Silver Shell for Best Actress at the San Sebastian Film Festival in Spain and the Best Actress award at the Nantes Film Festival in France. Niki Karimi is often invited to many international film festivals as a judge. She is also famous for Vahid Jalilvand feature film Wednesday May, 9 (Chaharshanbeh 19 Ordibehesht), Tahmine Read More.. h Milani's Hidden-Half (Nimeye Penhan). Niki Karimi also played in Shirin, Awakening (Bidari), The Day Goes and The Night Comes (Shabaneh Rooz), The Second Wife (Zane Dovvom), Women are Angels (Zanha Fereshteh And), The Crime (Jorm), I Am His Wife (Man Hamsaresh Hastam), Alchemy (Kimia), Telephone Hamrahe Raeis Jomhoor, Hello to Love (Salam Bar Eshgh), Laleh, Death of the Fish (Marge Mahi), One Night (Yek Shab), Night Shift (Shifte Shab) and Raspberry (Tameshk).


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Niki Karimi (نیکی کریمی‎)


Niki Karimi (نیکی کریمی‎)

Director | Producer | Actor | Writer | Music

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