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Nematollah Gorji ( نعمت‌الله گرجی )


Nematollah Gorji ( نعمت‌الله گرجی )


Nematollah Gorji ( نعمت‌الله گرجی ) born 1926, Tehran - died 2000, Tehran, was an Iranian theatre and film actor. Mr Gorji acted in at least 94 Iranian films, some of which have come to be ranked amongst the most celebrated Iranian films of the 1970s. His last role was that of an old and kind-hearted gardener-caretaker in The Pear Tree (Derakht-e Golaabi), 1998, directed by Dariush Mehrjui.


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Nematollah Gorji ( نعمت‌الله گرجی )


Nematollah Gorji ( نعمت‌الله گرجی )


Actor (46 credits)
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Wives Star and Diamond - Setare va almas - ستاره و الماس1988
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Wives The Kindness Territory - Harime Mehrvarzi - حریم مهرورزی1987
Wives The Last Image - Tasvire akhar - تصویر آخر1987
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Wives Up in the Sky - Bar Faraze Asemanha - بر فراز آسمان‌ها1979
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Wives The Sunny Night - Shabe Aftabi - شب آفتابی1977
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Wives Innocent - Bi Gonah - بی‌گناه1976
Wives American Mamal - Mamal Amricayi - ممل آمریکایی1975
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