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Negar Javaherian (نگار جواهریان‎)


Negar Javaherian (نگار جواهریان‎)

Producer | Actor | Director

Born: January 12th 1983 in Tehran, Iran

Negar Javaherian ( نگار جواهریان‎ ) born in 1983, is an Iranian film and theatre actress, and translator. Negar Javaherian began her acting career on stage at the age of 15 and made her cinematic debut in 2002 with the movie ‘I’m Taraneh, 15’, directed by Rasoul Sadr Ameli. The notable movies with her participation include The Book of Law by Maziar Miri and The Girls' Dormitory by Mohammad Hussein Latifi. Javaherian also appeared as Fakhri in Zire Tigh, a serial directed by Mohammad Reza Honarmand. Her filmography also features recent films such as Here without Me, A Cube of Sugar, 'Gold and Copper', 'The Painting Pool' an Read More.. d 'Melbourne'. Some of the movies in which Negar Javaherian has performed are ‘Qadamgah’ (2004), ‘Girl’s Dormitory’ (2005), ‘Barefoot in Heaven’ (2006), ‘The Magical Generation’ (2007), ‘The Music Box’ (2008), ‘The Book of Law’ (2009), ‘Nothing’ (2010), ‘A Cube of Sugar’ (2011), ‘Without Reason or Cause’ (2012), ‘Stories’ (2012), ‘Melbourne’ (2014), ‘A Minor Leap Down’ (2015), ‘Dowry’s Sugarbowl’ (2015) and ‘Confessions of My Dangerous Mind’ (2015). Among the series in which she has appeared are ‘That’s Not the Way’ (2004) and ‘Under the Blade’ (2007). For her performance in ‘Gold and Copper’ (2009), Negar Javaherian won the Best Leading Actress Crystal Simorgh from the Fajr International Film Festival.


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Negar Javaherian (نگار جواهریان‎)


Negar Javaherian (نگار جواهریان‎)

Producer | Actor | Director

Actor (32 credits)
We have to - Majboorim - مجبوریم2018
The Gold - Tala - طلا2018
Negar - Negar - نگار2017Watch Now
A Bigger Game - Gorg Bazi - گرگ بازی2017Watch Now
Temporary - Movaghat - موقت2016
Duet - Dooet - دوئت2016
A Minor Leap - Paridan Az Ertefae Kam - پریدن از ارتفاع کم2015
Confessions Of My Dangerous Mind - Eterafate Zehne Khatarnake Man - اعترافات ذهن خطرناک من2015Watch Now
Dowry's Sugar Bowl - Ghandoone Jahizieh - قندون جهیزیه2015Watch Now
Melbourne - Melborn - ملبورن2015Watch Now
The Fourth Wall - Divare Chaharom - دیوار چهارم2014Watch Now
Ivanov - Ivanof - ایوانف2014Watch Now
Tales - Ghesseha - قصه ها2014Watch Now
The Next Morning - Sobhe Roze Baad - صبح روز بعد2013Watch Now
The Painting Pool - Hoze Naghashi - حوض نقاشی2013Watch Now
For No Reason - Bikhod va Bi Jahat - بی خود و بی جهت2012Watch Now
The Lovely Scumbags - Ashghalhaye Doost - آشغال‌های دوست داشتنی2012
Just an Hour Ago - Hamin Yek Saat Pish - همین یک ساعت پیش2011
Gold and Copper - Tala va Mes - طلا و مس2011
Day and Night - Shabane Rooz - شبانه روز2011Watch Now
A Cube of Sugar - Yek Habbeh Ghand - یه حبه قند2011Watch Now
Here Without Me - Inja Bedone Man - اینجا بدون من2011Watch Now
Nothing - Hich - هیچ2010Watch Now
The Book of Law - Ketabe Ghanoun - کتاب قانون2009Watch Now
Shirin - Sheerin - شیرین2008
We Only Live Twice - Tanha do bar zendegi mikonim - تنها دو بار زندگی می‌کنیم2008
The Magical Generation - Nasle Jadoi - نسل جادویی2007Watch Now
Barefoot in Paradise - Pa Berahne Dar Behesht - پا برهنه در بهشت2007Watch Now
Miss Iran - Sad Sal Be In Salha - صد سال به این سال‌ها2007
Few Strands of Hair - Chand Tare Moo - چند تار مو2005
Girls Hostel - Khabgahe Dokhtaran - خوابگاه دختران2005Watch Now
I'm Taraneh, 15 - Man Taraneh Panzdah Sal Daram - من ترانه ۱۵ سال دارم‎‎2002Watch Now