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Nazanin Mofakham (نازنین مفخم)


Nazanin Mofakham (نازنین مفخم)

Editor | Writer | Sound | Actor

Nazanin Mofakham is a film editor from Tehran, Iran who studied Cinematography at the Art University of Tehran. She is known for her work in many feature films, including 'The Last Supper' (2002) starring Katayoun Riahi, 'Under the Moonligh' (2001) starring Mahmud Nazar-Alian and 'Silence of the Sea' (2004) starring Hossein Sheydaie.


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Nazanin Mofakham (نازنین مفخم)


Nazanin Mofakham (نازنین مفخم)

Editor | Writer | Sound | Actor

Editor (32 credits)
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