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Nasim Adabi


Nasim Adabi

Director | Actor

Born in Tehran, Iran

Nasim Adabi (born in 1976) is a famous Iranian theatre actress and stage director. In 2010, Nasim Adabi started working for camera in Amin Farajpour's feature film 'Running Among the Clouds', she then played in Hossein Shahabi's 2015 feature 'The Sale'. Nasim Adabi also starred in serials 'Halgheye Sabz' and 'Gomshodeh'. More recently, she played alongside Shahab Hosseini in Soroush Mohammadzadeh's 2016 feature film 'Wednesday' (Chaharshanbeh).


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Nasim Adabi


Nasim Adabi

Director | Actor

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