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Narges Abyar ( نرگس آبیار‎ )


Narges Abyar ( نرگس آبیار‎ )

Director | Writer

Born in Tehran in 1972, Narges Abyar ( نرگس آبیار‎ ) holds a B.A. in Persian Literature. So far she has devoted most of her time to writing, which had led to the publication of 30 ficition books for children, teenagers and adults. She has also made several short and documentary fi l m s i n c l u d i n g , K I N D D E A D E N D (Fiction-15min-2006), ONE DAY AFTER THE 10TH DAY(Documentary-25min-2007), MAMA MARYAM(Documentary-40 min-2009), NASUR(Fiction-15min-2009), MY STORY IS NOT A CROW(Documentary- 40 min-2011), SILENT SCREAM (Documentary-42min-2012),BLACKPEAR(Documentary-40min-2012), OBJECTS IN MIRROR ARE CLOSER TH Read More.. AN THEY APPEAR(Feature - 2013), TRACK 143 (Feature - 2014), BREATH (Feature, 2016)


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Narges Abyar ( نرگس آبیار‎ )