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Nafiseh Roshan


Nafiseh Roshan


Born: March 3rd 1982 in Tehran, Iran

Roshan, Nafiseh (born May 3, 1982, Tehran) Nafiseh Roshan has a BA degree in Law from Islamic Azad University. Her first performance was in a play titled 'Towards Happiness' in the second grade of high school, for which she won a diploma of honor from the regional Office of the Education Ministry. After entering university, she participated in a performing arts class and seriously began to pursue acting. Her first television appearance was in the series 'Memorable Days' in the summer of 2003. Roshan has acted in the series 'Cold Fever' (2003), 'Gharib's World' (2002-2007), 'Sweet Ride' (2005), 'Years of Snow and Violet' (2006), 'Coma' (2 Read More.. 007), 'Like No One' (2008), 'Honeymoon' (2009), 'Let Go of My Hand' (2009), 'Building No.85' (2010), 'The Rich and the Poor' (2010), 'Five Kilometers From Heaven' (2011), and 'A Time to Love' (2013). She has also appeared in movies, including 'A Flower for the Bride' (2004), 'Hello Mother-in-Law' (2006), 'The Implant' (2008), 'Nightmare' (2008), 'Seven Past Eleven' (2009), and 'Check' (2011).


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Nafiseh Roshan


Nafiseh Roshan


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