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Morteza Poursamadi ( مرتضی پورصمدی )


Morteza Poursamadi ( مرتضی پورصمدی )

Director | Cinematographer

Morteza Poursamadi ( مرتضی پورصمدی ) is reknowned cinematographer and photographer, born 1952, Tehran, Iran. He has famous for having a filmography of over 100 documentaries and 23 films travelling more than 500000 kilometer to shoot documentaries ethnic groups and cultures and has housed exhibitions across Europe and Canada. Morteza Poursamadi has worked on award winning titles such as: Hiss Dokhtarha Faryad Nemizanand (2013) which won best film for narrative feature at the Women’s Independent Film Festival, Paper Airplanes Mooshak e Kaghazi (1997), best film at the Isfahan International Festival of Films for Children & Young A Read More.. dults and the documentary The Old Man of Hara Pire Hara (2002), which won the New Asian Currents - Award of Excellence at the Yamagata International Documentary Festival. He has won various awards for his cinematography, International Roshd Festival, Miras Farhangi (cultural heritage) Festival and he also recieved a Crystal Sigmor at the Fajr International Film Festival for best director.


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Morteza Poursamadi ( مرتضی پورصمدی )


Morteza Poursamadi ( مرتضی پورصمدی )

Director | Cinematographer

Cinematographer (38 credits)
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