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Morteza Ahmadi ( مرتضی حاج سید احمدی )


Morteza Ahmadi ( مرتضی حاج سید احمدی )


Morteza Ahmadi ( مرتضی حاج سید احمدی ) is a veteran Iranian actor was born in Tehran. Ahmadi made his stage debut in 1942, and then tried his hand at singing, acting and voice acting for the radio. He made his film debut in Nosratollah Mohtasham's Life Story. Ahmadi has appeared in countless films and dramas to date including Zero Heights, A Gift from India, The Store, Inheritance, Empty Home, Idiot, Ziba Barbershop, Until Dusk, AS Easy as That, and Shekarestan.


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Morteza Ahmadi ( مرتضی حاج سید احمدی )


Morteza Ahmadi ( مرتضی حاج سید احمدی )


Actor (26 credits)
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