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Mojtaba Bitarafan


Mojtaba Bitarafan

Director | Producer | Actor | Writer

Mojtaba Bitarafan (born in 1978 in Qom) is an Iranian actor, director and producer. He starred 'Virgin Mary' (Mariam Muqaddas), 'Swan Song' (Avaz-e Ghoo), 'Escape' (Farari), 'Coma', 'Prophet Joseph' (Yousuf-e Payembar), 'Lonely Tunes of Tehran' (Taraneh Tanhaei Tehran), 'Migraine', 'Loveable Rajab' and 'Bright Shadows'. Mojtaba Bitarafan also directed and produced 'Room 311' and 'Nightmare With a Mask of a Dream.'


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Mojtaba Bitarafan