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Reza Naji (محمدرضا ناجی)


Reza Naji (محمدرضا ناجی)


Reza Naji ( رضا ناجی ) was born in Tabriz in northwestern Iran. As a child, he dreamed of becoming an actor and took part in different Street Plays in pursuit of this dream. He, however, chose to work as a mechanic as an adult and worked in this field for a few years before joining the Air Force. From there he became involved in professional acting, playing the lead role in a play directed by Javad Derakhshan. With the support of the Air Force, the play took part in the Workers Festival held in Isfahan and Naji was able to show off his acting skills winning seven Awards at the festival. It was director Majidi's Children of Heaven which Read More.. brought Naji nationwide fame and following this success, he appeared in several movies including The Birth of a Butterfly, Baran and Weeping Willow. In 2007, he stared in another one of Majidi's films Song of Sparrows and delivered an astonishing and outstanding performance which brought him worldwide fame and won him several nominations and awards. Since finding fame, Naji has continued his film career in works like Ziba and I and A line of Truth. Naji has also experienced work for the small screen with the TV series Wave and Rock and Wake Up Order. Nominations and Awards Best Actor nomination, 1st Iran Cinema Celebration, Children of Heaven Best Actor in Supporting Role nomination, the 19th Fajr International Festival, Baran Juries Special Honor, the 22nd Fajr International Film Festival, Him The Silver Bear for Best Actor, the 58th Berlin Film Festival, Song of Sparrows


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Reza Naji (محمدرضا ناجی)


Reza Naji (محمدرضا ناجی)


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