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Mohammad Kasebi ( محمد کاسبی )


Mohammad Kasebi ( محمد کاسبی )

Director | Actor | Writer | Cinematographer

Born in Tehran, Iran

Mohamad Kasebi ( محمد کاسبی ) was born in 1951 in Tehran. He is an actor and film director. He graduated in theatre from the FDA. He then started stage acting in 1961 and film acting with Nasouh's Repentance in 1982. Mohamad Kasebi was one of the founders of Art Bureau of Islamic Propagation Organization in 1979, in which he acted in many films and plays. After a few short films he made his first feature film Swimming in Winter. Mohamad Kasebi was awarded for his performance in 'The Father'.


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Mohammad Kasebi ( محمد کاسبی )


Mohammad Kasebi ( محمد کاسبی )

Director | Actor | Writer | Cinematographer

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