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Mohammad Ali Keshavarz ( محمدعلی کشاورز )


Mohammad Ali Keshavarz ( محمدعلی کشاورز )


Born: April 15th 1930 in Isfahan, Iran

Mohamad Ali Keshavarz ( محمدعلی کشاورز ) was born on 15 April 1930 in Isfahan. He is a famous Iranian cinema and theater actor. He started stage acting in 1960 and began film acting with Night of the Hunchback . He is one of the most experienced and prominent actors of Iranian cinema who is still active. He has also appeared in a few television series.


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Mohammad Ali Keshavarz ( محمدعلی کشاورز )


Mohammad Ali Keshavarz ( محمدعلی کشاورز )


Actor (34 credits)
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Fatherhood Legion - Lezhion - لژیون1998
Fatherhood Punishment Committe - Komiteh Mojazat - کمیته مجازات1997
Fatherhood Ghazal - Ghazaal - غزال1995
Fatherhood The Fateful Day - Rooze Vaghe - روز واقعه1995
Fatherhood The Day That A Suitor Came - Roozi Ke Khastegar Amad - روزی که خواستگار آمد1995Watch Now
Fatherhood Dear Wednesday - Chaharshanbeye Aziz - چهارشنبه‌ عزیز1993
Fatherhood Once Upon A Time, Cinema - Nassereddin Shah, Actore Cinema - ناصرالدين شاه آكتور سينما1992Watch Now
Fatherhood Love Stricken - Delshodegan - دلشدگان1992Watch Now
Fatherhood Search in the Island - Jostojoo dar jazireh - جستجو در جزیره 1991Watch Now
Fatherhood Mr. Demarche - Aghaye Bakhshdar - آقای بخشدار1991
Fatherhood Red Flower - Gole Sorkh - گل سرخ1990
Fatherhood Foreign Currency - Poole Khareji - پول خارجی1989Watch Now
Fatherhood Mother - Madar - مادر1989Watch Now
Fatherhood Jamil - Jameel - جمیل1988Watch Now
Fatherhood The Man Who Turned to a Mouse - Mardi ke moosh shod - مردی که موش شد1985
Fatherhood Jafar Khan has Returned from Abroad - Jafar Khan Az Farang Bargashte - جعفر خان از فرنگ برگشته1985
Fatherhood Tael - Taeel - طائل1985
Fatherhood Shooting Star - Setare Donbaledar - ستاره دنباله‌دار1985
Fatherhood Kamalolmolk - Kamalolmolk - کمال‌الملک1984Watch Now
Fatherhood The Imperilled - Barzakhiha - برزخی‌ها1982
Fatherhood The Devil's Hand - Daste Sheytan - دست شیطان1981
Fatherhood The Affection Whisper - Zemzemeye Mohabat - زمزمه محبت1980
Fatherhood The Chess Game of the Wind - Shatranje Bad - شطرنج باد1976
Fatherhood Downpour - Ragbar - رگبار1972
Fatherhood Mr. Gullible - Aghaye Haloo - آقای هالو1971Watch Now
Hezardastan Hezardastan - هزاردستان Watch Now
Sarbedaran Sarbedaran - سربدارانWatch Now
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