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Misagh Zare


Misagh Zare


Misagh Zare is an Iranian stage and cinema actor known for Houman Seyedi's 2013 social drama I'm Not Angry (Asabani Nistam). Misagh Zare played in the movie 'Everything is for Sale' (Hameh Chiz Baraye Foroush) and Orange Taxi (Taxi Naranji). More recently, he appeared in I Am Diego Maradona (Man Diego Maradona Hastam), Confessions of My Dangerous Mind (Eterefate Zehne Khatarnake Man) and Immortality (Javdanegi). With 3 movies directed by Houman Seyedi in Misagh Zare's filmography, Zare is definitely one of Seyedi's favourite male actors.


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Misagh Zare