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Merila Zarei (مریلا زارعی)


Merila Zarei (مریلا زارعی)


Born: April 14th 1974 in Tehran, Iran

Merila Zarei ( مریلا زارعی ) was born on 14 April 1974. She is an Iranian actress famous for A Separation, About Elly, Hush! Girls Don't Scream, Two Women, Track 143, the Fifth Reaction, Keifar, The Unwanted Woman and The Outcast. She graduated from Azad University of Tehran. During her studies Merila Zarei became interested in acting through Ezatollah Entezami's acting courses. Her first movie was in Ali Asghar Shadravan's Patak. She received the Crystal Simorgh for the best actress in a supporting role for The Friday's Soldiers from the 22nd Fajr International Film Festival. More recently, Merila Zarei appeared in Ebrahim Hatamiki Read More.. a's 2016 feature film 'Bodyguard' and Reza Mirkarimi's multi award winning movie 'Daughter'.


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Merila Zarei (مریلا زارعی)


Merila Zarei (مریلا زارعی)


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