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Melika Sharifinia ( مليكا شريفی نيا)


Melika Sharifinia ( مليكا شريفی نيا)


Born: November 12th 1986 in Tehran,Iran

Sharifinia, Melika (born November 12, 1986, Tehran) Melika Sharifinia was born to veteran entertainers Mohammad Reza Sharifinia and Azita Hajiyan. She made her debut in 1991 in ‘Avinar’ directed by Shahram Asadi. Melika has also appeared in series ‘Shams-ol-Emareh’ (2009), ‘The Chef’ (2009), ‘Rooster’ (2012) and ‘Rental Home’ (2015) and movies ‘Pari’ (1994), ‘Tears and a Smile’ (1994), ‘Death Formation’ (1994), ‘Mix’ (1999), ‘Mom's Guests’ (2003) and ‘Tambourine’ (2007). She has also studied Graphics and has tried her hand at Graphic, Photography and Book illustration.


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Melika Sharifinia ( مليكا شريفی نيا)