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Mehrdad Ziaei ( مهرداد ضیایی )


Mehrdad Ziaei ( مهرداد ضیایی )


Mehrdad Ziaei ( مهرداد ضیایی ) is an Iranian actor and accomplished academic with over six books published that discuss the Pahlavi period of Persian dramatic texts. He studied Natural Resources with Communications and Journalism in Tehran before he became the head researcher, author and editor of the Great Islamic World Encyclopedia of Persian Language and Activities. Ziaei is most often writing scholarly articles in the field of literature, film, and television. He entered the theatre as a professional actor in 1990 before he made an imprint on Iran's film and television industry in 1993. It wasn't until much later that his film Read More.. acting work was recognised, mainly for his appearances in 'A Respectable Family' (2012) and 'Third Floor' (2010) and 'Be Range Arghavan' (2010).


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Mehrdad Ziaei ( مهرداد ضیایی )