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Mehrdad Sedighian (مهرداد صدیقیان)


Mehrdad Sedighian (مهرداد صدیقیان)

Actor | Writer

Born: February 7th 1988 in Iran

Born in 1988, Mehrdad Sedighian (مهرداد صدیقیان) is an Iranian actor who came to prominence as the young Iranian soldier 'Issa' in Kiumars Pourahmad's 2007 'Night Bus'. He also starred alongside Golshifteh Farahani in 'The Wall', and other movies like 'Heiran', 'Friday Evening', 'A Respectable Family', and 'The Rule of Accident'. Mehrdad Sedighian is also known for 'Unwished' and 'Atomic Heart'.


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Mehrdad Sedighian (مهرداد صدیقیان)


Mehrdad Sedighian (مهرداد صدیقیان)

Actor | Writer