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Mehran Rajabi (مهران رجبی)


Mehran Rajabi (مهران رجبی)

Editor | Actor

Born: December 31st 1961 in Karaj, Iran

Mehran Rajabi was born in Varian village near Karaj city in Alborz Province. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design from Faculty of Graphic Design, the University of Tehran and a Master’s degree in the same major from Trabiat Modares University. Rajabi met an Iranian director Reza Mirkarimi in university and then appeared in his series ‘The Children of Hemmat School’ (1996-1997). He also acted in Mirkarimi’s ‘The Child and the Soldier’ (1999) and was nominated for awards from Fajr International Film Festival and Iran Cinema Celebration. His acting in ‘Under the Moonlight’ (2000) gained him much praise and saw him n Read More.. ominated for an Iran Cinema Celebration award. From 1996 to 2015 Rajabi has appeared in more than 30 series and 50 movies. He has acted in series such as ‘Time of Rebellion’ (2001), ‘A Bunch of Eagle Feathers’ (2005), ‘The Basement’ (2006), ‘The Residential Base’ (2007), ‘Gharib's Story’ (2002-2007), 'Like No One' (2008), ‘Operation 125’ (2008), ‘Let's Not Turn Around’ (2009), ‘The Occupiers’ (2010), ‘The Forgotten’ (2010), ‘Cops and Robbers’ (2012), ‘Bad Days Pass’ (2013), ‘Huge Problems 1’ (2014), ‘The Recluse’ (2014) and ‘Huge Problems 2’ (2015). He has also taken part in several movies, including ‘The Deserted Station’ (2000-2001), ‘Dear, I'm In No Mood’ (2001), ‘How To Kill Love’ (2002), ‘The Lizard’ (2003), ‘A Flower For the Bride’ (2004), ‘The Proposal for 50 Million’ (2005), 'Slowly' (2005), ‘Colors of Memory’ (2006), ‘Rules of the Game’ (2006), ‘Wind Winding Through the Meadow’ (2007), ‘Ten Figures’ (2008), ‘Gold and Copper’ (2008), ‘The Outcasts 2’ (2008), ‘Milk and Honey’ (2009), ‘Wedding Rings’ (2009), ‘Marriage in Extra Time’ (2009), ‘Twelve Chairs’ (2011), 'Unripe Pomegranates' (2013), ‘The Ascended’ (2013) and ‘The Carriage’ (2013). Mehran Rajabi used to be a high school teacher.


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Mehran Rajabi (مهران رجبی)

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Mehran Rajabi (مهران رجبی)

Editor | Actor

Actor (85 credits)
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The Exemplaries The Rule of the Game - Ghaedeye Bazi - قاعده بازی2007
The Exemplaries A Hat for Baran - Kolahi Baraye Baran - کلاهی برای باران2007Watch Now
The Exemplaries Colors of Memory - Minaye Shahre Khamoosh - مینای شهر خاموش2007
The Exemplaries Somewhere Far Away - Jayi Dar Doordast - جایی‌ در دوردست2006
The Exemplaries The Day Looms - Rooz Bar Miayad - روز می آید2006Watch Now
The Exemplaries Gradually - Be Ahestegi - به آهستگی2006Watch Now
The Exemplaries 50 Millions Offering - Pishnahade 50 Miliioni - پیشنهاد پنجاه میلیونی2005Watch Now
The Exemplaries The Lizard - Marmoolak - مارمولک2004Watch Now
The Exemplaries A Flower for the Bride - Shakhe Goli Baraye Aroos - شاخه گلی برای عروس2004
The Exemplaries Tradition of Lover Killing - Rasme Ashegh Koshi - رسم عاشق کشی2004
The Exemplaries Wakeup Arezou - Bidar Sho Arezou - بیدار شو آرزو2003Watch Now
The Exemplaries Crimson Gold - Talaye Sorkh - طلای سرخ2003
The Exemplaries Two Angels - Do Fereshteh2003
The Exemplaries Pink - Soorati - صورتی2002Watch Now
The Exemplaries A House Built On Water - Khaneye Roye Ab - خانه ای روی آب2001Watch Now
The Exemplaries Going by - Az Kenar-e Ham Migozarim - از کنار هم میگذریم2001
The Exemplaries I'm Not Tuned My Dear - Azizam man kook nistam - عزیزم من کوک نیستم2001
The Exemplaries Under the Moonlight - Zire Noore Mah - زیر نور ماه2001Watch Now
The Exemplaries The Deserted Station - Istgahe Matrookeh - ایستگاه متروکه2001
The Exemplaries The child and the soldier - Koudak va sarbaz - کودک و سرباز2000
The Exemplaries salamalekom Hajagha - سلام علیکم حاج آقا
Bachelor's Degree HolBachelor's Degree Holders - Lisanseha - لیسانسه‌هاWatch Now
Bachelor's Degree HolBachelor's Degree Holders - Lisanseha - لیسانسه‌هاWatch Now
Bachelor's Degree HolBachelor's Degree Holders - Lisanseha - لیسانسه‌هاWatch Now
Bachelor's Degree HolBachelor's Degree Holders - Lisanseha - لیسانسه‌هاWatch Now
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