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Mehdi Solooki


Mehdi Solooki


Born: June 4th 1982 in Isfahan, Iran

Solouki, Mehdi (born June 4, 1982, Isfahan) Mehdi Solouki was born in Isfahan, where his father, an Army Air Force officer, was stationed. He was studying graphic design in high school when he made his first television appearance in a social show for the youth. Then, he studied acting at the Islamic Azad University of Arak. Solouki has appeared in movies, such as 'Vertigo' (2005), 'The 25th Hour' (2006), 'Stand at Attention' (2007), 'Homeland' (2008), 'Don't Put Your Foot Down' (2008), 'A World Filled with Hope' (2012), and 'The Straw Dogs' (2013). He has also appeared in series, including 'Lights Off' (2001), 'Like a Stranger' (2004), ' Read More.. The Unfamiliar Scent of Autumn' (2004), 'Cold Fever' (2004), 'Brothers-in-Law' (2004), 'Narges' (2006), 'The Fifth Sun' (2009), 'Setayesh' (2010-2011), 'Five Kilometers from Heaven' (2011), 'Tell the Truth' (2012), 'Parvaneh' (2013), 'Setayesh 2' (2013-2014), and 'Good, Bad, Ugly' (2014). His brother, Mohammad Solouki, is a TV presenter.


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Mehdi Solooki