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Mehdi Sabbaghi ( مهدی صباغی )


Mehdi Sabbaghi ( مهدی صباغی )


Born in Mashhad

Sabbaghi, Mehdi (born 1951, Mashhad) Born Firouz Sabbaghi, Mehdi Sabbaghi graduated in Theater and Cinema from Iran’s Theater Organization. This talented actor is well-versed at speaking different Iranian dialects. Sabbaghi made his stage debut in 1964 and in 1985 started his acting career with the movie ‘Escape from the City’. He has appeared in several movies, including ‘The Call’ (1969), ‘Shadow of Illusion’ (1990), ‘Soltan’ (1996), ‘Pink’ (2002), ‘Ice Flower’ (2004), ‘Café Setare’ (2004), ‘In Love’ (2006), ‘The Taxi Driver’ (2006), and ‘Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus’ (2010). He has Read More.. also pursued a career in radio and filmmaking.


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Mehdi Sabbaghi ( مهدی صباغی )