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Mehdi Sabaee ( مهدی صبایی )


Mehdi Sabaee ( مهدی صبایی )


Born: September 11th 1966 in Tehran, Iran

Sabaei, Mehdi (born August 11, 1966, Tehran) Mehdi Sabaei has a degree in Mechanical Engineering. He made his debut in 1996 in ‘Soltan’ directed by Masoud Kimiyaei. Mehdi has appeared in the series ‘Days of Youth’ (1997), ‘Wake Up’ (2011), and ‘Goodbye Child’ (2012) as well as the movies ‘Mercedes’ (1997), ‘The Third Day’ (2006), ‘The Golden Collars’ (2011) and ‘Sufferance and Ecstasy’ (2013).


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Mehdi Sabaee ( مهدی صبایی )