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Mehdi Hashemi (مهدی هاشمی)


Mehdi Hashemi (مهدی هاشمی)

Director | Actor | Writer

Born: November 30th 1945 in Langrud, Iran

Mehdi Hashemi (مهدی هاشمی) is an Iranian actor, screenwriter and director, born in 1946 in Langrud, Iran. He graduated from the University of Tehran in 1973, where he studied performing arts. Mehdi Hashemi has had a long and enviable career both in cinema and TV and is known for his work in the films 'The Spouse' (1994), 'Alo! Alo! Man Joojoo-am' (1994), and 'Alzheimer' (2011) to name a few. Mehdi Hashemi is married to the Iranian actress Golab Adineh.


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Mehdi Hashemi (مهدی هاشمی)


Mehdi Hashemi (مهدی هاشمی)

Director | Actor | Writer

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