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Masoud Rayegan ( مسعود رایگان )


Masoud Rayegan ( مسعود رایگان )

Director | Actor

Born: January 21st 1954 in Khoramabad, Iran

Masoud Rayegan ( مسعود رایگان ) is an Iranian actor and writer. He is known for the film So Close, So Far (2005) that earned him a Crystal Simorgh award for best actor, at the 23rd Fajr International Film Festival. Other works that he participated in include: Santoori (2007), 'Golchehreh' (2011), 'The House Under The Water (2010), Zero Degree Turn (2007) and the thriller TV series The Searchers (2009 Present). Masoud Rayegan is married to the Iranian actress Roya Taymourian.


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Masoud Rayegan ( مسعود رایگان )


Masoud Rayegan ( مسعود رایگان )

Director | Actor

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