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Masoud Dehnamaki ( مسعود ده‌نمکی )


Masoud Dehnamaki ( مسعود ده‌نمکی )

Director | Producer | Writer | Actor

Masoud Dehnamaki ( مسعود ده‌نمکی ) is an Iranian filmmaker, holding numerous box-office records. In 2002 he directed "Poverty and Prostitution", a documentary on prostitution that traces its roots to the evils of poverty. In 2004 Dehnamaki directed "Which Blue, Which Red". Massoud Dehnamaki's debut feature film "Ekhrajiha (The Outcasts)" (2006), also called "Expelled", tells the story of Majid, a gangster from south Tehran who falls in love with Narges, the daughter of Mirza, a pious man. Majid must reform himself to marry Narges,so he decides to head to the Iranian warfront and his prot


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Masoud Dehnamaki ( مسعود ده‌نمکی )