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Maryam Soltani


Maryam Soltani


Born: September 16th 1989 in Tehran, Iran

Soltani, Maryam (born September 16, 1989, Tehran) Maryam Soltani made her cinematic debut in 2000 with the movie ‘Waiting’ (2000). Some of the movies in which she has appeared include ‘Proud’ (2006), ‘Anahita’ (2008), ‘Wedding Rings’ (2009), ‘The Outcasts 3’ (2010) and ‘Don’t Forget Your Childhood’ (2011). Soltani has also appeared in several series, including ‘Three by Four’ (2008), ‘The Rich and the Poor’ (2010), ‘A Girl Named Ahoo’ (2011) and ‘Matador’ (2012).


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Maryam Soltani