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Maryam Boubani ( مریم بوبانی )


Maryam Boubani ( مریم بوبانی )


Born in Sanandaj, Iran

Bobani, Maryam (born 1953, Sanandaj) Maryam Bobani began taking acting lessons at an early age. She made her film debut with a short role in Kamal Tabrizi’s ‘A Mother's Love’ (1997). Since then, she has appeared in several movies including ‘Love + 2’ (1998), ‘To Be or Not To Be’ (1998), ‘Killing Dogs’ (2000), ‘Under the City's Skin’ (2000), ‘Women's Prison’ (2000), ‘The Hidden Half’ (2000), ‘The Wind Carpet’ (2002), ‘Here, a Shining Light’ (2002), ‘A Piece of Bread’ (2004), ‘A Place to Live’ (2004), ‘Slowly’ (2005), ‘Three Women’ (2006), ‘Mahya’ (2007), ‘On Foot’ (2008), and ‘D Read More.. eath is my Business’ (2010).


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Maryam Boubani ( مریم بوبانی )


Maryam Boubani ( مریم بوبانی )


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