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Mani Haghighi ( مانی حقیقی )


Mani Haghighi ( مانی حقیقی )

Director | Producer | Actor | Writer

Born: May 4th 1969 in Theran, Iran

Mani Haghighi (b.1969, Tehran) studied philosophy at McGill University. His first feature, Abadan (2003) premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival. Men at Work (Berlinale, Forum 2006) won the Best Screenplay Prize at the 2007 Asian Film Awards. Canaan (2008), based on a short story by Alice Munro, was followed by Modest Reception (Berlinale, Forum 2012) which won the Free Spirit Award at the Warsaw Film Festival as well as a number of other international prizes. After A Dragon Arrives! (Berlinale, Competition 2016), Haghighi made 50 Kilos of Sour Cherries (2017), a romantic comedy which was one of Iranian cinema's top ten highest grossing films. Read More.. Pig (Berlinale, Competition 2018) is Haghighi's seventh feature film.


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Mani Haghighi ( مانی حقیقی )


Mani Haghighi ( مانی حقیقی )

Director | Producer | Actor | Writer