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Majid Salehi (مجید صالحی)


Majid Salehi (مجید صالحی)

Director | Producer | Actor

Born: September 17th 1975 in Tehran, Iran

This Iranian actor, director, screenwriter and producer was born in Bandar Torkaman. Majid Salehi ( مجید صالحی ) started his career with the play Antigone. He then switched to comedy dramas and soon found fame. He had a prominent role in the 2005 blockbuster 'Singles' and went on to appear in the movie 'Left Handed'. The 2011 series 'Waves and Rocks'


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Majid Salehi (مجید صالحی)


Majid Salehi (مجید صالحی)

Director | Producer | Actor

Actor (31 credits)
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Producer (1 credit)