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Majid Moshiri ( مجید مشیری )


Majid Moshiri ( مجید مشیری )

Producer | Actor | Writer

Born: March 5th 1962 in Shiraz, Iran

Moshiri, Majid (born March 5, 1962, Shiraz) Majid Moshiri has a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from Technical University of Shiraz. He has attended some drama courses offered by Open Acting School of Amin Tarokh and subsequently appeared in TV series and movies. Moshiri has taken part in several movies, including ‘The Glass Agency’ (1997), ‘Sam and Narges’ (2000), ‘Butterfly in the Wind’ (2003), ‘Heartbroken’ (2008), ‘Invitation’ (2008), ‘The Silent Tower’ (2012), ‘Scandal’ (2012) and ‘Unripe Pomegranates’ (2013). He has also appeared in various TV series such as ‘The Doctors’ (1998), ‘The Read More.. Red Line’ (2001), ‘The Gift of Darkness’ (2010) and ‘What Goes Around, Comes Around’ (2012).


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Majid Moshiri ( مجید مشیری )


Majid Moshiri ( مجید مشیری )

Producer | Actor | Writer

Actor (42 credits)
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Michael Love Plus 2 - Eshgh Be Ezafe 2 - عشق به اضافه ۲1999
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