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Majid Esmaeili


Majid Esmaeili

Director | Producer | Writer

Born in 1980 in Tehran, Majid Esmaili has been active as director of short films (RENDEZ-VOUS; and LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL) and TV movies (COME CLOSER; A BIT FURTHER; ADOBE OF PARADISE; GOD LIKES CRICKETS; DANCING ON ICE). Producer of five TV movies, Esmaili has been awarded in TV Festivals and Ceremonies for his works, A BIT FURTHER and GOD LIKES CRICKETS. He directed his debut feature film, LITTLE BLACK FISH, in 2015. With HELMSMAN, he won main awards in Hamedan International Film Festival for Young Adults.Feature Films: 2015- Little Black Fish; 2015- Helmsman.


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Majid Esmaeili