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Mehraveh Sharifinia (مهراوه شریفی نیا)


Mehraveh Sharifinia (مهراوه شریفی نیا)

Editor | Actor

Born: April 18th 1981 in Tehran, Iran

Mehraveh Sharifinia (مهراوه شریفی‌نیا) was born on 18 April 1981 in Tehran. She is an Iranian actress of film and television. Her gained her Diploma in Mathematics and Physics and also studied music education at the University of Art in Tehran. Mehraveh Sharifinia attended a semester studying film directing, but after consulting with her father, she withdrew from the study in this field. She has specialized in the piano. Mehraveh Sharifinia is known for One Line of Reality (Yek Satr Vagheiat), Under the Skin of the City (Zire Pooste Shahr), There Is Nothing Behind the Door (Poshte Dar Khabari Nist) and Tales (Ghesseha).


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Mehraveh Sharifinia (مهراوه شریفی نیا)


Mehraveh Sharifinia (مهراوه شریفی نیا)

Editor | Actor