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Mahmoud Rahmani  ( محمود رحمانی‎ )


Mahmoud Rahmani ( محمود رحمانی‎ )

Director | Editor | Cinematographer | Writer | Sound | Music

Mahmoud Rahmani ( محمود رحمانی‎ ) is a filmmaker, born in 1980, in Izeh, Iran. He has an honours degree from the First Professional Workshop of the Documentary and Experimental Film Center. Mahmoud Rahmani made his in debut with 'Gagola' (2003). He directed 'White Oil' "Nafte Sefid" (2005), his first documentary which was shown at various festival around Europe. His second documentary "Zero Degree Orbit" (2007) recieved more than 15 prizes. He received an honourable mention at the Munich Documentary Film Festival for 'My mother, Oak' (2011), which follows a loner in his lost landscape due to a dam project.


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Mahmoud Rahmani ( محمود رحمانی‎ )