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Mahmoud Pakniat ( محمود پاک‌نیت )


Mahmoud Pakniat ( محمود پاک‌نیت )


Born in Kazeroun, Iran

Pakniyyat, Mahmoud (born December 31, 1952, Kazeroun) Mahmoud Pakniyyat began stage acting in 1969 and in 1988 he stepped into the world of movies and television. The series which brought him a nation-wide fame was ‘Once Upon a Time’ (1991-1992). His popularity grew with his appearance in the series ‘The Patriarch’ (1993-1995) and ‘After the Rain’ (2000). Pakniyyat has appeared in several series such as ‘Sheikh Mofid’ (1995), ‘Seasoned Rider’ (1997), ‘Lighter than Darkness’ (1999-2002), ‘The Tenth Night’ (2001), ‘Prophet Joseph’ (2008), ‘Building No.85’ (2010), ‘Behind the Tall Mountains’ (2012), Read More.. The Line’ (2014), ‘The Recluse’ (2014), and ‘Warm Breath’ (2015). He has also acted in a number of movies, including ‘Death Formation’ (1994), ‘Land of the Sun’ (1996), ‘The World Upside-Down’ (1997), ‘The Wrong Guy’ (1998), ‘The Victorious Warrior’ (1998), ‘The Deserted Station’ (2000-2001), ‘City of Chaos’ (2005), ‘Heartbroken’ (2008), and ‘Extreme Cold’ (2009). Iranian Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance has awarded Iran’s High Distinction in Art to Pakniyyat. His spouse Mahvash Sabrkon is an actress.


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Mahmoud Pakniat ( محمود پاک‌نیت )


Mahmoud Pakniat ( محمود پاک‌نیت )


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