Mahmoud Kalari

Mahmoud Kalari




Mahmoud Kalari is a director, cinematographer, photographer and actor born, April 31, 1951 in Tehran, Iran. He started his training in photography on course in New York. His first photography exhibition took place at Tehran University in 1976, titled, Visit the People Around Us. He then worked at Sigma Photo News agency based in Paris. In 1980 Mahmoud Kalari was ranked one of the 15 best photographers of the Year by Time Magazine. From 1982 to 1984 he worked as the supervisor of the Tehran National TV Photography Unit and taught photojournalism at Tehran University as a guest professor. A gallery of his photos, shot during the Iranian Revolution of 1979 was opened to the public, and a photo book of his work from that era was published. Mahmoud Kalari started in film as a cinematographer for Jadehaysard Frosty Roads (1985); he received Read More.. an award for Best Cinematography which was at the Fajr Film Festival. In the movie The Cloud and the Rising Sun (1997) for the first time the public experienced directing by Mahmoud Kalari, a title he was also a cinematographer and writer. Argentina Mardel Plata Film Festival awarded it Best Film, and was also screened at the Montreal and Chicago Film Festivals. Mahmoud Kalari's worked on A Separation (2011) the internationally critically acclaimed Oscar winning feature film which earned him a Silver Frog from Plus CAMEIMAGE International Film Festival of the Art of Cinematography in 2011.

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