Mehdi Pakdel (مهدی پاکدل)


Mehdi Pakdel (مهدی پاکدل)

Director | Producer | Actor | Writer

Born: August 1st 1980 in Isfahan

Mehdi Pakdel (مهدی پاکدل) is an Iranian actor was born in Isfahan into a big family. He lived in his hometown until the age of 17 when he left for the capital Tehran to pursue a career in the arts. He studied Graphic Arts at the Islamic Azad University. While a student he designed a few theatrical posters and later on established his own Graphic Studio, broadening his field of work. His first stage appearance was in 1997 after which he began to also pursue an acting career. While his main focus has been on stage acting, Mehdi Pakdel has had several cinematic and television roles which have gained him nationwide popularity. His dramas Read More.. include Setayesh


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Mehdi Pakdel (مهدی پاکدل)