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Mah Chehreh Khalili ( ماه چهره خليلي )


Mah Chehreh Khalili ( ماه چهره خليلي )


The granddaughter of late Iranian actress Parvin Soleimani, Mah Chehreh Khalili ( ماه چهره خليلي ) was born in Tehran. She travelled to England for her studies and entered Oxford University to study Architecture. Because of her interest in performing arts, she took acting lessons at Method School while studying in England. In 2003, she returned to Iran to make her movie debut in “Black Eyes.” Following her debut, she decided to take acting and directing lessons in Iran to hone her skills. Mahchehreh proved to be a talented actress who was chosen for prominent TV dramas like “In the Eye of the Wind”, “Mokhtarnameh” and Read More.. “Pahlavi Hat”. She has also had several movie appearances in works such as “Saint Petersburg” and “Mask”. Khalili has tried her hand at directing and made “Qorban Eid”, a short film which received acclaim at several film festivals.


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Mah Chehreh Khalili ( ماه چهره خليلي )