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Leila Hatami ( لیلا حاتمی‎ )


Leila Hatami ( لیلا حاتمی‎ )

Director | Actor | Costume Designer | Set Designer

Born: October 1st 1972 in Tehran, Iran

Leila Hatami ( لیلا حاتمی‎ ) was born on 1 October 1972. During her childhood she appeared in several of her father's films including the historical TV series 'Hezar Dastan' and the biopic 'Kamalolmolk'. She made her professional entry into cinema with Dariush Mehrjui's 'Leila' as the title character at the age of 24. Her performance in the film received rave reviews from critics and audiences worldwide. She received the Diploma of Honor for Best Actress in the 15th Fajr Film Festival. In 2012, Leila Hatami played the main role of Simin on Asghar Farhadi's movie 'A Separation' which got an Oscar award for the Best Foreign Language Read More.. Film. She also participated to the 67th Cannes Film Festival as a member of the main competition jury. Leila can speak 4 languages fluently: Persian ( her native language), English, French and German.


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Leila Hatami ( لیلا حاتمی‎ )


Leila Hatami ( لیلا حاتمی‎ )

Director | Actor | Costume Designer | Set Designer

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Costume Designer (1 credit)
Set Designer (1 credit)