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Kaveh Sammak Bashi ( كاوه سماک باشی )


Kaveh Sammak Bashi ( كاوه سماک باشی )


Born: April 16th 1980 in Tehran

Sammak-Bashi, Kaveh (born April 16, 1980, Tehran) Kaveh Sammak-Bashi was born in Tehran and studied mechanics in university; then he stumbled upon the world of acting accidentally. He was introduced to director Masoud Abparvar who chose Kaveh to play in the series 'The Mystery' (2002) after a number of screen tests. Since his debut, he has appeared in several series, including 'Reyhaneh' (2005), 'Operation 125' (2008) and 'Michael' (2015).


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Kaveh Sammak Bashi ( كاوه سماک باشی )