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Kambiz Dirbaz (کامبیز دیرباز)


Kambiz Dirbaz (کامبیز دیرباز)


Born: October 3rd 1975 in Tehran, Iran

Kambiz Dirbaz (کامبیز دیرباز) was born in 1975 in Tehran. Dirbaz has a degree in Acting from the Islamic Azad University. He began his career with stage acting in 1997. He made his film debut with Waiting Girls in 1999. His other films include In the Name of My Father and Gilded Cage. Kambiz Dirbaz is also a well-known television actor appearing in dramas such as No Pain, No Gain, In the Eye of the Storm and Paridokht.


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Kambiz Dirbaz (کامبیز دیرباز)


Kambiz Dirbaz (کامبیز دیرباز)


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