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Jamshid Gorgin ( جمشید گرگین )


Jamshid Gorgin ( جمشید گرگین )

Producer | Actor

Gorgin, Jamshid (born October 21, 1951, Tehran) Jamshid Gorgin is a cinema and television actor. His debut movie was 'The Sound of the Desert' (1975) directed by Nader Ebrahimi. He has appeared in a number of movies, including 'Grey' (2000) and 'Doubt' (2008). He has also played roles in several TV series such as 'Mirza Koochak Khan' (1987) and 'Memorable Days' (2003). Besides acting, Gorgin has worked as a television presenter and producer of radio and television programs.


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Jamshid Gorgin ( جمشید گرگین )