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Jamshid Esmailkhani (جمشید اسماعیل‌خانی)


Jamshid Esmailkhani (جمشید اسماعیل‌خانی)


Jamshid Esmailkhani was an actor who was born in Shiraz, Iran in 1950. He is known for his participation in the Locarno International Film Festival and for starring in the award-winning film 'The Blue-Veiled' (1995), the comedy 'Zir-e bamha-ye shahr' (1989) and the film 'Moones' (2001). Furthermore, he was nominated for a crystal Simorgh for 'Rain Man' and 'Apartment No. 13'. Jamshid Esmailkhani died in 2002.


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Jamshid Esmailkhani (جمشید اسماعیل‌خانی)


Jamshid Esmailkhani (جمشید اسماعیل‌خانی)


Actor (26 credits)
Bread and Love and Motor 1000 - Nan Va Eshgh Va Motor 1000 - نان و عشق و موتور ۱۰۰۰2002
Parole - Raye Baz - رای باز2002
Companion - Moones - مونس2001Watch Now
Football Players - Footbalistha - فوتبالیست‌ها2001
Nowruz - Norouz - نوروز2001
The Swan Song - Avaze Ghoo - آواز قو2001Watch Now
The Rain Man - Marde Barani - مرد بارانی1999Watch Now
Sheida - Sheyda - شیدا1999Watch Now
Sheida - Sheyda - شیدا1999Watch Now
Seven Stones - Haft Sang - هفت سنگ1997
Speed - Sor'at - سرعت1996
Maternal Love - Mehre Madari - مهر مادری1996
Summer Holidays - Ta'tilate Tabestani - تعطیلات تابستانی1996
The Survivors - Nejat Yaftegan - نجات یافتگان1996
The Blue Veiled - Roosari Abi - روسری آبی1995Watch Now
The Travellers - Mosaferan - مسافران1993Watch Now
Family Man - Ayalvar - عیالوار1993
Blade Edge - Labeye Tigh - لبه تیغ1992
The Secret Of Red Spring - Raze Cheshmeye Sorkh - راز چشمه‌ی سرخ1992
A Man A Bear - Yek Mard Yek Khers - یک مرد یک خرس1992
Like Clouds in the Springtime - Chon Abr dar Baharan - چون ابر در بهاران1990
The Dream of Marriage - Dar Arezuye Ezdevaj - در آرزوی ازدواج1990
Apartment No. 13 - Apartemane Shomareh 13 - آپارتمان شماره ۱۳1990
The Entire Nation - Hame Yek Mellat - همه یک ملت1990
Under the Roofs of the City - Zire BamHaye Shahr - زیر بام‌های شهر1988Watch Now
Two Fellow Travelers - Do Hamsafar - دو همسفر