Jamal Sadatian

Jamal Sadatian



Jamal Sadatian was born in 1956 in Tehran, Iran. He is the founder of Boshra Film that has been has been established on June 1999, as Motion Picture Company. The Boshra Film was funded with privet investment by S.Jamal Sadatian and after so many years of hard working became one of the most active and reputable Motion Picture and Television Company in Iranian entertainment industry. Since then Boshra Film with management of S.Jamal Sadatian, as chief executive officer, has been produced and distributed so many movies and Television series based on social contents in Iran and in Europe. Under his supervision Boshra Film was able to employ over 50 people in his studio for more productivity in other aspect of entertainment and his company became one of the most profitable production company in Iran. S.Jamal Sadatian correctly is involved with Read More.. major motion pictures project, his goal to bring partnership with major film companies around the world to have co-production activity. He is hopping and wishing to make differences in Iranian motion pictures industry. Following are some of his projects, in development and Produced or in distribution process. 1999: Look at Me. Directed by : Shahram Asadi 2001: TV series Weakening, Directed by: Mehdi Fakheimzadeh 2002 : Shorideh Directed by MohamadAli Sajadi 2003: Color of purple Directed by: Abrahim Hatamikeya 2005: Fireworks Wednesday, Directed by: Asghar Farhadi 2006: Tambourine Directed by: Parisa Bakhtavar 2007: Days and Nights Directed by : Omid Bonakdar & Keyvan Alimohammadi 2008: Seven Minutes to the Fall Directed by Alireza Amini 2009: End of 8th Street Directed by Alireza Amini 2010: Snow on Pines Directed by Payman Moadei 2011: Dishonor Mehri Directed by Abraheim Mokhtari 2011: Drive Directed by Essy Niknejad.

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