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Jahanbakhsh Soltani ( جهانبخش سلطانی )


Jahanbakhsh Soltani ( جهانبخش سلطانی )

Director | Producer | Actor | Writer

Born in Isfahan, Iran

Soltani, Jahanbakhsh (born 1951, Isfahan) Veteran Iranian actor Jahanbakhsh Soltani has a high school diploma. He began his acting career in theatre in 1966. He learned theater professionally from Naser Farahmand and Mashallah Vahidi. Soltani’s film debut was ' The Horizon' (1988), directed by Rasoul Mollaqolipour. Several of his other movies include 'Shame' (1991), 'The Majnoon Epic' (1992), 'Bibi's Dowry' (1994), 'Legend of the Golden Dandelion' (1998), 'New Year's' (2001) and 'The Worried Heart' (2012). He has also appeared in various TV series, including 'The Stories of Majid' (1991), 'The Men of Angelos' (1998) and 'Prophet Josep Read More.. h' (2008-2009). His performance in 'Shame' (1991) earned him a Crystal Simorgh for the Best Actor in a Supporting role at the Fajr International Film Festival. His activities also include writing and stage directing.


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Jahanbakhsh Soltani ( جهانبخش سلطانی )


Jahanbakhsh Soltani ( جهانبخش سلطانی )

Director | Producer | Actor | Writer

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