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Iraj Rad ( ایرج راد )


Iraj Rad ( ایرج راد )


Born: April 27th 1945 in Tehran,Iran

Rad, Iraj (born April 27, 1945, Tehran) Akbar Hasani Rad known as Iraj Rad, first appeared in programs for children at the age of 14. He became interested in theater and later graduated from the University of Tehran in Theater. He received his master’s degree in Theater Directing from Cardiff University in the UK. He has directing and acting experience in more than 30 plays and television films in collaboration with groups such as the Iranian Theater Society. He has also gone on stage in England and Germany. Between the years 1973 and 1975, in addition to acting, he wrote and presented a weekly radio program about theater. Rad’s debu Read More.. t as a cinematic actor was in the 'The Postman' (1972). He has starred in many movies such as 'Mina Circle' (1978), 'Tornado' (1985), 'The Tenants' (1986), 'Jafar Khan Returns from Abroad' (1987), 'The Passion of Love' (2000), 'Seven Songs' (2001), and 'Candle in the Wind' (2003). Rad has also appeared in series such as 'Stone and Glass' (1993), 'Under Your Protection' (1995), 'In My Heart' (1998), 'Missing' (1998), 'A Way to Home' (2000), 'The Network' (2002), 'Beguiled' (2002), 'Coast Guard' (2005), 'Zero Degree Turn' (2007), 'Factor 8' (2008), 'Era of Constitutional Revolution' (2009), and 'The Daughters of Eve' (2012). One of his most notable roles was that of "Nassereddin Shah" in 'Amir Kabir' TV series (1985).


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Iraj Rad ( ایرج راد )